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Meet The Team

Mark Branch BGR Founder | Senior Realtor®️

When it comes to real estate in Indianapolis, Mark Branch stands out not just for his nearly two decades of expertise, but for his balanced approach. From the bustling centers of downtown to the tranquil suburbs, his knowledge of the landscape is both broad and deep. What truly differentiates Mark, however, is the perfect blend of professionalism and genuine care. While he's driven by results ensuring every transaction is smooth, he also recognizes the value of relationships. For Mark and his support team, every cli...

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Gabby Sherfick Associate Realtor®

Gabby always had a passion for design & real estate. She began her career in real estate by starting a construction company and remodeling homes/commercial buildings. As an avid real estate investor she enjoys helping clients build their real estate portfolios. Small town girl now living out her dreams on a parcel of land in Noblesville with a hobby farm. She understands that moving can be stressful because at a young age she moved around the nation with her family.

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Sarah Remaley Associate Realtor®

What do you get when you mix a commercial real estate expert with a residential environment? A real estate shark with a killer instinct. Go ahead and throw anything her way - aggressive inspection responses, zoning issues, tough negotiations - she’ll use her cross-disciplinary expertise to make sure her clients get the best deal. She focuses on development and commercial portfolios consisting of retail, industrial, and office properties - from mom and pop shops to national tenants, her 8 years of experience has equip...

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Nathan Inskeep Associate Realtor®

What are you going to be remembered for? The ones who left their mark on history did so by living an extraordinary life. They gave everything they had - physically, mentally, and spiritually - to make a difference. And many of the people who changed the world remain unknown, because their efforts were not in search of credit or fame, but to simply be humble and help. This is my life goal. This is why I chose to work in real estate. Buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision/investment most of u...

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Sara Hunley Associate Realtor®

As an Indiana native and real estate professional, Sara understands the culture, market, and diversity in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. She believes Indy has some of the best schools, communities, and caring people in this wonderful Midwest state.With that, Sara believes every story starts with a home. Whether you're an Indiana native like her, or you're moving from out-of-state, she recognizes and values the trust my clients place in her to help them find a safe, growing community to live in and call home. Sa...

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Carson Calin Associate Realtor®

Seventeen years ago, Carson’s parents became some of Mark’s first clients ever! Knowing Mark his entire life has made him passionate about real estate, of course! Last year he began working as an assistant to Mark and is now a full-time Realtor with Branch Group Realty. Carson has an insatiable appetite to learn and tackles problems head on. His dedication and commitment to his clients is unwavering. Born and raised in Fishers, Carson has first-hand knowledge about what makes Central Indiana so desirable for new...

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Candy Irven Associate Realtor®

To paraphrase Einstein, there are two ways to live: (1) as though everything is a miracle or (2) as if nothing is. While Candy might not be the "Einstein" Albert was, she has definitely mastered the art of living as though everything is a miracle, And with that comes a lightheartedness, a sense of calm and confidence, and a zest for life that makes everyday feel as if anything is possible. As a former tech exec turned breathwork boss, Candy has spent the past decade growing her personal wealth by trusting that the p...

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Laura Haehl Operations Manager

As BGR has continued to grow and expand over the years, there was a clear need for someone working inside the team to help create repeatable, scalable, and productive processes that aid the agents and staff perform at their maximum capabilities day in and day out. Laura's full time position as operations manager helps ensure that our business runs smoothly. Laura is a former high school Spanish teacher who previously worked for years as a yoga instructor, assisting people on their journey to improve their lives. She h...

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